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Adding A Home Addition

Adding A Home Addition

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There is one sure way to make your home more spacious; just add another room. Now that may seem like the obvious, and in fact it is. Room additions are one of the most common types of home improvements because they provide you with the one thing that you would otherwise have to purchase a new home to get; more living space. This extra space could be necessary for a new member of the family or simply for more room to put all of your stuff. But whatever the reason, additions are always a good investment.

There most certainly is and it is actually a very popular way to build. It’s done by building up instead of out. By adding a second or third floor to your home, you can retain all your yard and still get the extra space you need.

Room Additions Let You Enjoy The Home You Have

Adding home additionsBuilding an extra room onto your home provides several advantages over purchasing a new home. First is the ability to remain in the same neighborhood which is really important if you have kids, since they get to stay in the same schools where all of there friends are. This is a high priority for most home owner and especially parents that don’t want to up-root their families from an environment where they feel secure.

Another benefit includes being able to increase the value of your property, which would allow you to cash in on more home equity if the need ever arises. Having a home that’s worth more than you owe on it provides a degree of security in today’s economic crisis. What this means is if things ever get bad, you’ll find it easier to sell your home or refinance for a lower rate.

OK, now that you know why room additions are such good ideas, it’s time to talk a little more about the process and where to start. First, you need an experienced company that can perform the work properly at a price you can afford. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you may qualify for services offered by Nation-Wide Building & Remodeling, LLC.

To find out if your qualify, visit our ESTIMATE PAGE. Also, you can contact us today for an estimate and evaluation.

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